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cyda photography

I am a visual content creator with clients both domestically and internationally. Although I've been working in this industry for about 15 years, my journey began by retouching photos taken during travels, where I not only enhanced visuals but also imbued them with the feelings and energies I experienced. This led me to express the hues of memories and the ambiance of the moment. Through a partnership with international Hilton hotels, I started creating imagery for hotel PR, expanding my experience beyond sports photography.

The hotel industry demands strong retouching skills to create experiences of the extraordinary. Working with international brands involves adhering to strict guidelines. Shooting various content such as room interiors, exteriors, restaurant meals, interviews, and modeling sessions has enabled me to cater to diverse photography requests.

Currently, I receive numerous requests for video production. While image creation and video production differ in presentation, videos are said to convey 300 times more information than images. I believe there are techniques in videos that can guide viewers' consciousness, such as depicting the rustling of streams and sunlight filtering through trees with fixed shots, compressing time and space with time-lapses, smooth transitions with gimbals, and aerial shots with drones. Additionally, utilizing background music can elevate the drama of the final product.

By being conscious of video production, one can better understand the strengths and charms of still photography, allowing for the selection of appropriate techniques for capturing images.

Areas of expertise:

  • PR video production for branding

    • Landscape cinematic videos

    • Portrait short videos

  • Aerial photography using pilot techniques (from FPV to infrared surveys)

  • Image creation with deep retouching

Here  is my YouTube Channel: youtube@yuzurukushida

Thank you!

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me in English, if necessary. 


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