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Introduction to Your Company's PR Video Production


In 2020, it was said to be the year of YouTube customer acquisition, and the most important challenge in web marketing is the acquisition of new customers through the use of videos, including YouTube. 


In fact, many people who use the internet have noticed a significant increase in the opportunity to watch videos rather than text-based information. According to Google's research, over 50% of people answer questions by watching videos before making a purchase. With smartphones connecting to 5G, this trend is expected to accelerate further in the future.

1. Architecture - Visuals of Buildings and Spaces

Simple room tour footage does not convey the charm. We calculate the timing of continuous composition adjustments and moving shots, such as the guidance to the next space and the sense of scale that cannot be expressed with still images, to create a compelling presentation. 

It's the time of having your own videos


Since the time of the coronavirus, people have increased their time spent watching videos. Having high-quality videos at the right moments when people take videos into their hands is crucial for branding and new business development.

2. Hotels - Hotels and Luxury Inns, etc.

Extraordinary services require drama. Meticulous scenarios and shooting based on stories can enhance the space luxuriously.

​- The key is continuous viewing. -


In our lives, there are moments when emotions are stirred. Memories from those times never fade. With videos, you can create phenomena that wouldn't normally occur through scenarios and shooting techniques.

3. Tourism - Promotion of Tourism and Temples and Monuments

We capture the unique charms of the area from the voices of locals and wrap up the emotions that only first-time visitors can feel in beautiful videos.

Is it appealing to the senses?


People obtain 80% of information through sight, and when combined with hearing, it's over 90%. By reaching the other person's sensibilities through the impressions of videos, you can easily convey detailed information.

4. Huge Space - Representing Large-Scale Spaces

Large buildings like factories or mansions require external shooting using drones. Aerial shots allow you to confirm the overall layout and the characteristics of the surrounding terrain.

?Why video production?

Here is an example of completion photography.
It's a lovely space, and still images are sufficient to create a compelling image. In the case of video, time and the flow of light, as well as spatial transitions, are emphasized, and drama can be created by adding appropriate background music.

It is said that video has 700 times the amount of information as still images, and you can make use of spatial continuity, changes in time, texture expressions that appear when angles are changed, and sound expressions.

Combining these complex techniques into a single work, it is possible to express the creator's perspective from multiple angles.

Once a video with a story of about 90-180 seconds is complete, there is no need for additional explanations. By using drones, you can accurately capture the exterior of buildings, and you can create unexpected dramas in the timing when the sun shines.

Benefits of a video portfolio:

・Establish branding and leave a good impression on the viewer.
・Because of the intended design,you can convey only the necessary information in advance.
・A favorable impression is conveyed to the viewer even before explaining it yourself.
・The worldview is easy to convey.
・You can use videos to convey the content at any time.
・It is easier to attract external customers, increasing the number of views.

For high-quality products and services with unique textures and feelings, it is necessary to convey not through introduction videos or explanatory videos but through textures and emotions and dramas. I recommend production using advanced shooting and editing techniques.

Shooting and editing techniques:


"Equipment Used: We shoot with professional-grade equipment used even in Hollywood and Netflix movie productions. With large sensors and high-quality lenses, the versatility of the materials themselves is high. (Can also be used for still image extraction.)

スクリーンショット 2023-05-09 12.21.29.png
スクリーンショット 2023-05-09 12.23.38.png
スクリーンショット 2023-05-09 12.22.53.png
スクリーンショット 2023-05-09 12.24.15.png

Based on experience shooting various scenes, including domestic and international clients, we can direct the scale and texture of the space and direct the appropriate layout and movement as a flow in shooting with models. Additionally, we understand lighting techniques and the use of natural light, so we can enhance quality by effectively using the differences in impressions due to light even with the same subject.

Because we are also involved in creating still image concepts, we can keep the key images rather than video specialists, and we can express the representations that emphasize what is required for a high brand.

About production costs:

In our company, we create branding videos that leave a deep impression on viewers. We create videos that serve as a pathway to inquiries rather than explanatory videos with a lot of text.

The general market price for video production ranges from 1.5 to 20 million yen. This breakdown includes producer costs, director costs, camera, lighting, sound recording, stylist, makeup costs, as well as personnel costs related to equipment costs and post-production costs, and in some cases, the initial budget can be exceeded.


Furthermore, not only are the costs high, but it is also the current situation where it is rare for a video that exceeds expectations to be produced.

In our video production, we carry out the entire process from shooting to editing, providing good cost performance and delivering very high-quality products."

I hope this helps! If you have any specific sentences or sections you'd like to focus on, please let me know.

We would like to hear from you about what we can do, including budget considerations. Please feel free to inquire from here."

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